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What Canadian chains have programs to mail promotional birthday cards and gifts to kids?

Any recommendations?

i dont get the question

i need a promotional code its my birthday!!please.?

i need a promotional code for fandango.com.it my birthday and im using the library computer and i had to ride the transit to get here.i need a code to go see a movie i really wanna see.i have never been to see a movie before.i have always wanted to see eclipse and i would like a promotional code so i can go see it for free my friend was gonna take me tomorrow.if your a true christian you would give me a gift card code or promotional code.im turning 13 and i have a dream to go to see a movie.no joke.i dont play around i really want to see the movie.please find it in your heart to help me:)thank you Christian people.

What kind of birthday reward does a Victoria's Secret credit card holder get?

I just had my birthday and I recently got a coupon from them in the mail for a free cotton panty and $10 off any full priced bra.

I was wondering if this was supposed to be my birthday reward or was this a promotional offer that they sent everybody?

nope they send u a $10 off any thing in the store most of the time its a hot pink colored card

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